About Maxi-Therm

The company

Maxi-therm was founded in 2004 and is today a 65% owned Canadian and 35% owned American company with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

All major components including vertical heat exchangers, control valves, pumps and accessories are manufactured in the United States.

We proudly manufacture High Efficiency steam to liquid vertical flooded concept for building heat and for domestic use transferring not only latent heat of steam but also sensible heat of steam in a 0% flash return system even at high pressure steam such as 175 psig and considering super-heated steam.

The objectives

  • NO steam pressure reducing station and NO steam safety to roof even @ 175 psig steam
  • NO condensate return sub-station, NO flash tank, since condensate is subcooled to 200F or less, 0% Flash return

The advantages

  • Energy savings average of 8%
  • Initial installation cost reduction 20% Learn more
  • Space saving up to 40%, in a vertical concept Learn more
  • Stability of set point temperature ± 2°F

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The Ultimate Package Solution

Including circulating pumps, air separator, control panel, piping, saves time in engineering and can easily be piped to only 4 connections:

  • Steam IN
  • Condendate OUT
  • Cold liquid-IN/hot liquid OUT

Maxi-Therm factory mounted and pre-wired control panel allows a continuous supervision and modification of the parameters by the building automation system. Troubleshooting is accomplished remotely by the factory via Internet using an Ethernet connection.

Learn more about the ultimate package solution

Raymond Lach

The President and Founder of Maxi-Therm

MaxithermRaymond Lach worked for 24 years for the Armstrong Machine Works Rep. Organisation. In 1998 he founded a Company with a team of experts from all sectors to meet specific industry needs. Raymond brought together engineers, technicians, chemists, pipefitters and administrators to upgrade steam networks and thermodynamic applications with technological innovations.


Gabriel Cossette, Eng

Project manager and technical support

maxi-thermGabriel has graduated in 2004 from the University of Sherbrooke in mechanical engineering (4 ½ years coop program) and is a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) since 2008. He has been hired by Maxi-Therm early 2005 and has learned the steam specialties over the years by working with Raymond. Gabriel participates actively in all R&D projects and is in charge of the quotations & customer service. He also works on writing the specification and sequence of controls for all the Maxi-Therm products line. Gabriel has recently become shareholder of Maxi-Therm.

ASHE Member

Maxi-Therm has been an active member of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) for over 5 years and we have participated in two events as speakers to help the society to accomplish their mission and meet the constant challenges that impact the health care built environment. We also had a booth in many events to constantly present innovative solutions for healthcare applications such as a steam quality controller package to supply 97% or better quality steam to sterilizers.







(American Society of Heating,
Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
Honorable Mention for the heater design.   Learn more

Chamber of Commerce of Quebec

Finalist in Mercuriades of the Federation.


(Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists)
National Merit Prize for Exceptional achievements in applied sciences.


First prize winner for "Technology Product Design".

AQME (Quebec Agency
of Energy Control)

Finalist for the design of a steam condenser

Chamber of Commerce
of Montreal Energy

Initiative Recognition for the steam condenser

Professional Technologists of Quebec

Technologist of the Year




The seminar of October was another very interesting experience with 19 guests. It was a real pleasure having you all in our lab for two days.



The seminar of September was a success with 14 attendees. Here is one of the comments received:
"I would like to thank everyone at Maxi-Therm for the opportunity to attend your Montreal seminar September 20thand 21st 2012. I found the information covered by you and Gabriel Cossette in the subject of steam management extremely educational and insightful. The expertise and professionalism conducted during the class is among the very best and dialog between colleges was extremely informative. In my opinion system’s created at Maxi-Therm are innovative and cutting edge. As for the hospitality, it is world class and has left me knowing that the people at Maxi-Therm are not only at the top of their profession, but they are also the top among hosts. Thank you once again."



Maxi-Therm inc. is today a 35% American owned company and has 4 new shareholders:three American silent partners and Gabriel Cossette, Eng. from Maxi-Therm inc. (Qc)



Maxi-Therm inc. introduced a heat exchange package (patent pending) to control «QUALITY STEAM» for sterilization and humification, quality steam has been determined to be @ 97% saturated or greater (i.e. less than 3% of the mixture mass is liquid.)