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Vertical Steam Flooded Heat Exchanger

  • Use between 5 and 8% less steam to do the same job
  • Up to 75% less maintenance cost over the next 20 years
  • An average of 20% less maintenance cost
  • No manual start-up, fully automated.
  • Accurate temperature control, +-4F
  • 40% smaller foot print in your mechanical room
  • 5 time less corrosive on condensate return lines
  • DON'T NEED pressure reducing valves, steam safety relief valves and condensate return pumps
  • Applications: Domestic Water Heater, Building Heat and Clean Steam Generator.

steam water heater

To know more about the vertical steam flooded heat exchanger concept we invite you to watch a 4 minutes short video that will explain you how the system works.

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Innovative Technical Steam Training

Steam training course

We promise that it will be your best steam training ever!

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Theme: Steam is more efficient than most people think

  • Full Steam Lab & Seminar room at 100 psig
  • Eligible for Professional Development Hours (PDHs)
  • Go through the basics of steam
  • Typical best practices for steam piping
  • Tips and advices for maintenance of steam systems
  • Engineering steam designs and codes
  • How to have a 100% close loop system
  • Why use steam versus hydronic system?
  • Welcome to engineers, project manager and maintenance crew