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Avoid Wet Packs On Your Sterilization Process

steam qualityThe sterilization process is critical in all hospitals. The number one reason for causing wet packs is the steam quality coming from your regular steam network.  Our patented system provides the driest steam possible. We Guarantee 100% Saturated Steam at any time during your process all year long. We offer a compact and easy to use steam quality control system that is able to feed multiple sterilizers. Wants some proof?

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Vertical Steam Flooded Heat Exchanger

The Smartest Steam Heating System, Since 2002!

  • Use between 5 and 20% less steam to do the same job
  • An average of 20% less installation cost
  • No manual start-up, fully automated.
  • Accurate temperature control, +-2F
  • 40% smaller foot print in your mechanical room
  • 5 time less corrosive on condensate return lines. No more vacuum breaker.
  • 10 years warranty on the steam heat exchanger
  • Very low maintenance: No PRV, No Steam Safety Valve and No Condensate Return Pump
  • Applications: Domestic Water Heater, Building Heat and Clean Steam Generator.
steam water heater
Watch our short 4 minutes video on how the vertical steam flooded heat exchanger works.

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