Clean Steam Generator

generator clean steamThe 3 main reasons for using a clean steam generator are humidification, sterilization and food process.  Those 3 applications imply to inject steam in air or liquid.  Therefore, any chemicals, sediment or minerals in your process should be avoided.

Most of our units are used for humidification and sterilization purposes.  In this section we will go through some basics of clean steam generator usages.

What is clean steam?

The first thing we need to remember is that steam is pure, meaning it’s already clean.  When you are boiling hot water at home for your cup of tea, the steam coming out from your kettle is pure.

What about the cleanliness of the steam coming out from your boiler?  Theoretically your steam should be pure but the fact is you probably making carryover for different reasons.  Meaning that you will find sediments, minerals and chemicals (coming from your water treatment) in your steam.

5 main reasons causing carryover from your steam boiler

  • Sudden change of steam load during operation
  • Bad piping design. Piping too small
  • Too much chemicals (most of the time too much sulfite)
  • Steam trap too small at your boiler header and/or steam separator
  • Boiler too small


Once you have resolved this and make sure of avoiding carryover from your steam boiler, you need to make sure that your steam network is clean.  And that might be your biggest challenge.

Have you ever broken a union on a condensate pipe?  Have you noticed the color of the water (condensate) coming out of the pipe? It’s definitely not clean.

So why using steam from the boiler room for humidification and sterilization?  Of course, when you have a brand new installation, everything works well and the cleanliness of your steam might be perfect but will your steam stay clean over the years?

To avoid ”dirty” steam we strongly suggest a separated steam boiler whether is electric, gas fired or steam fired and that’s where our clean steam generator come in place.


Steam to steam system

Our Clean Steam Generator will allow you to create clean steam with a steam to steam system.  Simply bring us higher pressure from the boiler room to create lower pressure.  For example bring us 100 psig steam from the boiler room to one side of our vertical heat exchanger and we can create 70 psig steam on the other side of the heat exchanger.


Energy Savings using a clean steam generator?

When you think about it the potential energy savings comes from the fact that you don’t inject steam from the boiler anymore. By doing so, you create a close steam & condensate loop and at the same time you resolve the boiler chemical debate!

So by having a steam & condensate close loop network, this mean you have very low make-up boiler at the steam plant.  Basically you reduce the usage of your softner, you will also need very low chemical treatment plus you will cut off by more than half your surface blowdown on your steam boilers.  Conclusion, There is a Payback on a Clean Steam Generator!


The basic of our clean steam generator

The basic is that if you bring, to our heat exchanger, clean water from a softener and we will create soft steam, if your bring us pure water coming from a reverse osmosis system we will create pure steam. Simple as that!

But our unit brings more than simply create clean or pure steam.  We can deliver 97% quality steam, which means only 3% moisture content in your steam.

Because we are using a vertical heat exchanger, our patentedsystem, allows us to dry the steam before it leaves the heat exchanger because of the hot spot created in the steam inlet coming from the boiler room.  Gas fired and small electric boiler cannot produce dry steam as effectively as our system.

We have recently developped an add-on to our clean steam generator which will guarantee to produce 97% saturated steam and more at the outlet or our system as required for sterilizer applications.  To know more about our Steam Quality Controller, Click Here!!

If you understand well our clean steam generator, you will understand why we reduce the chance of water droplets in your humidification grid and reduce the chance of creating wet packs in your sterilization process.

We can offer a complete packaged system not only for the steam to steam part with all the controls but also for the clean or pure water section.  Meaning that we take full responsibility of your process needs.

To know more about our clean steam generator do not hesitate to communicate with us.

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