Vertical Flooded Feed Forward Steam to Hot Water System

Maxi-Therm VFFF Series

New from Maxi-Therm!

Vertical Flooded Feed Forward steam to hot water system – VFFF Series

We took a feed forward concept, a proven technology that has been used for decades, and we adapted it to our famous vertical flooded design to improve its energy efficiency.

  • No energy loss caused by flashing condensate
  • No need for pressure reducing station with related vent to atmosphere
  • Can work against some condensate backpressure without condensate pump
  • Affordable double wall construction available
  • Various flow and temperature ranges available
  • Small footprint
  • Tubes standard material is copper but 90/10 CuNi and SS304L/316L also available
  • No fancy controls required
  • No steam or condensate control valve required


Ideal for demanding applications like Clean In Place (CIP) hoses and washers or any type of domestic hot water application where the load changes very quickly.  


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