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For years and still today, there is a debate regarding the usage of chemicals in steam process. Those chemicals are used for protecting the boiler and the steam and condensate piping. Normally, a simple Clean Steam Generator would be chosen for this type of application.

A Pure Steam Generator not only will avoid the usage of chemicals but will reduce by 99,9% the presence of bacteria coming from the water inlet and from the ambient air.  So the only way to accomplish this task is the use of reverse osmosis or demineralizer system to treat the water before going in the Pure Steam Generator.

And because of the usage of pure water, we need to use stainless steel 304 heat exchanger construction.  So the cost of construction of a stainless steel heat exchanger to be used with a natural gas or electric steam boiler will be much higher than to produce a steam to steam heat exchanger.


3 main applications for Pure Steam Generator

  • Sterilizers in hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical process
  • Food process


The Maxi-Therm Pure Steam Generator not only uses components in stainless steel on the pure steam side but uses a vertical heat exchanger.  This allows us to produce the same amount of steam needed with less space needed in your mechanical room.

We produce custom packages which mean we can adapt ourselves to your space requirement in terms of room and doors availability.


Pure Steam vs Quality Steam

Our Pure Steam Generator is designed not only to produce pure steam but also high quality steam.  Although that we cannot guarantee 97% steam quality at the outlet of the pure steam without our steam quality controller which is an ad-don to our pure or clean steam generator, we produce most of the time 97% steam quality without our ad-don.

The reason that we produce high quality without it is because we use a vertical heat exchanger and because the steam inlet from the steam boiler is on top of the heat exchanger; we simply dry the pure steam produced before it comes out of the pure steam outlet.

You have to be aware that most of pure steam processes, like sterilizers, use solenoid control valves.  This means that those valves do not modulate, they are only on-off operation.  So that brings you a high potential of carryover because of sudden steam demand.  Our design minimizes that potential issue because we use a very water level in the heat exchanger plus we have created the perfect control sequence to avoid quality steam issues.

In most sterilizers application cases, customers want to guarantee not only pure or clean steam but also high quality.  To have a guarantee we strongly recommend the add-on of our Steam Quality Controller. We will guarantee between 97% and 100% high quality steam.  This will close any potential debate regarding the quality of steam coming from the boiler room.

Another feature is that because we use a low water level in our steam to steam heat exchanger, we consume less steam (from the boiler room) to produce the same amount of pure steam.

Maxi-Therm is dedicated to resolve any quality, pure or clean steam issue that you might have.  Over the years we have resolved many conflicts between the sterilizer manufacturers and boiler room management.

The next time you have a Pure Steam Generator application, think Maxi-Therm!

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