Maxi-Therm Join Forces With Practical Steam

We generate FREE electric power by reducing the steam pressure through our rotary vane steam motor. It can be use with saturated steam and modulate upon your steam loads.

In order to help consultant engineers, hospitals, universities and industries to figure out how to implement the use of steam for process, building heat, domestic hot water and cooling with the ability to generate power not only for the economic benefit of it but also for the reliability over the power grid. Generating Power with Steam Makes Sense. Maxi-Therm is now providing complete technical support and skid packages for producing steam, generating power and using steam. For additional information or a complete presentation, do not hesitate to communicate at 514 622-7111 and ask for Patrick Lach.

engine steam

Rotary Vane Steam Motor

"Typical Pay Back Between 3 to 7 Years without Incentives!"

Video demonstration

Benefits & Features

  • Self-contained, skid mounted
  • No external oil lubrication required
  • Generator included
  • Small footprint, lightweight
  • Varying controls configurations available
  • Integral automated controls
  • Quick warm-up
  • Low/simple maintenance
  • Simple, low-cost installation
  • Huge financial incentives are available


  • 2,500 to 20,000 lbs/hr average load
  • 40 to 600 kW
  • Input pressure between 250 to 60 psig
  • Use saturated steam
  • High turndown ratio
  • Maintains efficiency throughout turndown
  • Keep critical needs on power grid failure
  • Optimize downtime
  • More efficient thanĀ a diesel generator
  • Very reliable

100 kw unit (around 5,000 lbs/hr of steam) very low footprint

Complete Solutions

steam heat exchanger

We provide complete boiler room to generate hot water for hydronic systems and generate electric power with only one fuel source. Allow 40 feet X 12 feet X 14 feet high to generate 5MMBTU of heat and 100kw of electric power, including redundancy components (boilers, heat exchanger, bypass on steam motor, pumps, etc.) Potential annual savings of 100 000$+

We can deliver and engineered all the equipment.  We can offer a complete turnkey project including installation, financing, incentives, maintenance and operation.  We can offer a ZERO cost solution; we will monthly charge upon your heating and cooling loads plus the electric power generated.  We can provide the total system: Steam Motors, Steam Heat Exchangers, Steam Boilers with all accessoiries and Absorption Chillers.  For more information: 514-622-7111

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steam turbine
steam turbine
steam turbine

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