Steam Quality Generation

 Does your steam quality rate is more than 97%


Steam quality control for sterilizer

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Some of you, are probably wondering what we are talking about.  To put the record straight, steam quality is not about carry over issues from your steam boiler or the amount of chemicals that you use for your boiler water treatment.

According to a study made in 1997, call «Sterilization Technology for the health care facility» by Marimargaret Reichert and Dr Jack H. Young.  Here are they define steam quality:

«Steam entering the sterilizer chamber should be saturated vapor and contain little or no entrapped liquid water… Steam quality is defined as the mass of steam divided by the mass of liquid plus mass of steam.»

So steam quality as more to do with the amount of moisture content in 1 pound of steam.  But the rate of steam quality can vary true out the traveling of this same pound of steam.  The challenge is to have the quality needed at your process which is more often a sterilizer in hospital.

Here is a video from University of Colorado Boulder to explain steam quality.

Of course the amount of condensate, chemicals, minerals or bacteria in your pound of steam can be part of your definition of steam based on your process needs.


Quality Steam Generator

In order to assure the quality of your steam of 97% and greater we have created a Steam Quality Generator.  Not only we can produce clean steam but we control an overheat temperature of 3°F over the saturated steam temperature.

For instance, if you look at the ASHRAE Steam table you will find out that at 60 psig steam pressure the saturated temperature is 307°F.  Our system allows you to keep your 60 psig steam pressure but we increase the temperature at 310°F to guarantee the steam quality at 100% at your sterilizer or other process.

Our patent design is custom design upon your application and total of steam load and pressure needed.  The quality steam generator needs low maintenance and it is very easy to operate.  It response quickly on sudden demand of your process.  Depending on your needs you might also consider to use our clean steam generator .

To know more about our Steam Quality Control System , please contact your local representative.

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