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Become a True Expert with Steam Applications
Learn how to reduce installation cost, maintenance cost, footprint in mechanical rooms and how to generate energy savings
Steam Basics
Steam Close Loop Design
State of the Art Steam Design
Steam Trap Selection
Pressure Reducing Valve Station
Steam Safety Relief Valve
Steam Boiler Room Optimization
Steam Engine Application
Steam Cogeneration
Flooded Steam Heat Exchanger
Building Heat Application
Re-Heat Application
Domestic Hot Water Application
Clean Steam Application
Steam Quality Control
Sterilization Process
Steam Humidification
Water Treatment
Steam Vacuum System
Best Control Practices
Hydronic vs Steam Design
Why use Steam?
Next Training May 2 & 3, October 3 & 4, 2019
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Seminars invitation

We are pleased to invite you to our Montreal office and R&D laboratory for an exclusive seminar on steam applications and more specifically on Maxi-Therm concepts for building heat, domestic water, process heating & steam-to-steam generation for humidification and sterilization. Also discussed, our latest packaged steam quality controlling system to maintain a 97% or greater steam quality level as recommended by the publication “Sterilization Technology for the Health Care Facility, Second Edition (1997)” and sterilizer manufacturers. Specialized personnel are invited to discuss various steam-related topics, from steam generation to condensate return optimization.


Our World-Class facility

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Maxi-Therm is the proud owner of a leading-edge laboratory that is unique in the world. Equipped with a 1,000,000 BTU/h capacity 100 psig steam boiler, this is where we test and demonstrate the performance and stability of temperature setpoint of our latest innovations. We also invite our customers to a full 1 1/2 day technical seminar on steam applications, including our innovative products like the vertical flooded concept and the steam-to-steam generator for humidification or sterilization.