Steam is more efficient than most people think

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Innovative & Simple Steam Solutions

Since 2002, we have sold over 350 units across North-America. We built high efficient steam heat exchanger system. Easy to start, to maintain and to install. For your steam projects we want to be your number one source of innovative and simple steam concepts. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!
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Steam is our passion. No one else in the industry offers more innovative solutions for steam applications. We consider ourselves as Top Experts in the industry and we stand behind our solutions. To honor our ideas and concepts we decide to offer complete packaged steam systems including steam & condensate piping, liquid pumps, all mechanical components and most important we offer to include the complete control panel solution with of course the perfect control sequence. For more information do not hesitate to communicate directly with us or with one of our agents across North-America

Our Products

Our Fundamentals

Steam to liquid vertical flooded heat exchange concept for building heat and domestic hot water. - No Steam PRV - No Steam Safety to Roof - No condensate return pumping station Read more ...

The Ultimate «5» System

Complete turnkey HVAC System on a single skid designed specifically for your needs including circulating pumps, heat exchangers, control valves, balancing valves, air separators, VFD's, Bacnet IP control panels, etc. Know more ...

Clean Steam Generator

A patented packaged steam to steam generator to produce high quality steam exempt of chemicals for your humidifcation and sterilization needs. Multiple configurations and capacities available.  Read more ...

Steam Quality Controller

A specific steam quality controller to garantee 97% quality steam for sterilizers.¸ - No water softener - No RO water We enhance your steam quality. Find out more...
Our Patented designs will earn you extra LEED points

Why use Steam?

Most people forget what are the principal advantages of using steam. As you
can see on this picture steam is a safe energy. Compared to other type of
heating, having a steam leak is not an emergency. Find out other more reasons
to use steam... Click Here

A World Class Laboratory & Seminar Room

Over 200 people have spent (3) three days in Montreal to attend to a very innovative seminar. Equipped with a 1,000,000 BTU/h capacity 100 psig steam boiler, this is where we test and demonstrate the performance and stability of temperature setpoint of our latest innovations. Eligible for Professional Development Hours (PDHs)  To know more ...

Seminar Testimonials

Some Pictures of our Steam Solutions

Domestic hot water feedforward flooded design. For instantaneous hot water applications including CIP. No holding tank required. Temperature stability +- 3F.
Basic package consisting of vertical flooded heat exchanger, condensate control valve and stabilizing pump. Picture shows 2 units of 2,200 USGPM for building heat application with 125 psig steam and hot water.
heat exchanger steam to glycol
Before shipment we do Hydrostatic test and Control Sequence test. ASME, CRN and CSA -US approved. UL approval available on request.
heat exchanger steam to glycol
A 20 MMBTU/HR Steam/Glycol System using 175 psig steam pressure. Complete Package of only 6 ft width per 13 ft long
Ship in Nevada, USA in 2006

Meet Gabriel, Raymond & Patrick

The incredible trio of Raymond Lach, his son Patrick Lach and his nephew Gabriel Cossette Eng. have developed togheter some of the most innovative and reliable technologies in the Steam industry that have been created for the last 65 years. Raymond has been working in the Steam business for the last 40 years and it is in 1998 that he decided that things need to change in the industry. 

They have created 2 patented systems and 2 others that have patent pending. Those solutions have not only help the end users to save energy and maintenance cost but they are also helping contractors and consultant engineers by simplifing the installation of a steam distribution system.

»» Steam piping design is now easier than ever ««

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