Ultimate 5 Package

Ultimate 5

The Maxi-Therm Ultimate Package is the perfect turn-key solution for your heating hot water (or water/glycol solution) needs. The idea is to fit on the smallest possible footprint all the essential components required for any steam to hot water heater closed loop. Each system is carefully engineered to meet the specific technical requirements of your project. We have installations for liquid flow between 35 and 850 usgpm and we can go above 2,000 usgpm (per heat exchanger).


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Standard items generally included and skid mounted in our Ultimate Package are:
  • Single or redundant vertical flooded heat exchanger
  • Redundant circulating pumps (2)
  • Balancing valve
  • Check valve
  • Suction diffuser (as required)
  • Flexible pump connectors
  • Air separator
  • Condensate control valve, strainer and steam trap
  • Steam inlet main automated steam shut-off valve and start-up valve (fail closed)
  • Manual and automated isolation valves as required

Optional items also available for skid mounting:

  • Expansion tank
  • Chemical pot feeder
  • Filter
  • Any specifics your project might need


Turn-key lead/lag controls

Also available to be even more turn-key, complete controls solution with single power supply connection. You bring us the power and we take care of the rest. A typical system would include a Main Power Distribution Panel where you land the power supply for the entire system. From there, power is distributed to each pump’s dedicated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) panel with selector and disconnect. Power is also distributed to the two (2) Bacnet IP control panels (one per heat exchanger) with touch screen Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and programmable controller. The control panels are of course already programmed to take care of the lead/lag sequencing of the circulating pumps and heat exchangers (as required); alarms, start-up, shut-down and temperature control sequences are all pre-programmed and factory tested prior to shipment. All the required temperature, pressure and flow sensors are factory installed and wired to the control panels and proper functionality is tested before shipping. All the control valves, pumps and other electrical components are also factory-wired and the required power supply for everything is distributed from the Main Power Distribution Panel. This turn-key controls solution will save you hundreds of hours of field wiring and programming and you will be certain that your system is controlled as it should be. Maxi-Therm will be there during the start-up to make sure everything works perfectly and all required adjustments will be made. When customer allows us a temporary remote access, we are able to remotely make any adjustment that might be required and we offer free remote support during all the warranty period.


One single contact for customer service

When you buy a Maxi-Therm Ultimate Package you also get the peace of mind that comes with it. If ANYTHING provided does not performed as specified, Maxi-Therm inc. will take the full responsibility to find the solution fast. Being the circulating pumps, the control valve, the controls, etc., Maxi-Therm will be your single contact to get things working as they should in no time.

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